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A portrait painted from a refrence photograph is never its copy but an artistic interpretation. I therefore do not mind painting from bad quality photographs which, however, have something special about them. It might be a beautiful light, gesture, smile or they could be a reminder of a special moment. 


Before painting or drawing a portrait, I do a few sketches no matter if I work from life or a photograph. It helps me get to know the person to be portrayed. I can draw or paint a straitforward portrait or add an object, pattern or detail reflecting a person's personality. I work in soft pastels, pencil, charcoal, acrylics or mixed media. Please look through a few examples of my commissioned portrait works here. Recently, I added underwater portraits to my range.


I also accept city-, land- and seascape as well as pet portrait commissions some examples of those you can find here. Feel free to contact me with any enquiries regarding commissioning an artwork.


Just a few comments:


'It was great to receive such a unique and personal gift. Beautifully made - a special keepsake.' Olya Darroch, UK


'Das ist ein wunderbares Geschenk, dem ich einen zentralen Platz schenken werde!' Agnieszka Bialkowska-Appel, Deutschland


'The best surprise I have had in a very long time, so thoughful and very inspiring.' Daniel Claeys, Belgium 




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