Cards and Prints


When painting and drawing complex images and ideas becomes overwhelming, I sit down with a piece of lino or rubber block and hand carve a rather simple image. I then hand print a few postcards or a small edition of linocuts. I find all the stages of printmaking process meditative, almost therapeuthic. All the cards and linocut prints are available in my CardsandPrintsShop on  - just click on the orange sign above to get there. Here are a few examples to give you an idea of my creations.


A few comments:


'Beautiful, gentle designs. Versatile enough to use for many types of cards and notes.' Melinda Stylo, UK. 


'I loved this card the moment I got it - it was so personal and unique! Beautifully made, a keep-forever card.' Olya Darroch, UK, on a personalised card with the custom portrait 


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