I am absolutely fascinated about the sea and tirelessly paint it in all its moods, en plein air and in my studio, in hopes that more people will start appreciating this nature's beauty and take proper care of it. My own attitude towards the sea is always ebbing between awe and fear, inner freedom and longing for bonds and borders. I am exploring sea waters as a reflection of human psyche, a transcendental place and a different concept of time. My medium of choice for the sea paintings is soft pastels. I mostly use high quality soft pastels (hand)made by the British company UNISON as I find their texture, vibrancy and colour palette most suitable to the art I create and my style. At the moment, I am working at the series of large scale wave 'portraits' discovering that, although all waves have a similar anatomy, like us humans, they also have very distinctive individual features and each of them is unique. 



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