I am a portrait and marine artist mainly working in soft pastels but also graphite, charcoal, watercolour and acrylics or in mixed media. I am a Member of Assocoation of Professional Artists of Austria, Malta Society of Arts, Pastel Guild of Europe and Pastel Society of Malta. Working in a realistic manner with a touch of impressionism, I do not aim at achieving the realism of the subject depicted but the realism of an emotion.


People have always intrigued me. I had mentally created stories about the strangers I encountered in public spaces and eventually began expressing them through visual images. I portray people individually and in their relations to each other, usually from life or from my own photographic refrences aiming to render the complexity of their personalities. If I don't depict people, it is still about them either it is an empty bench in the park or two parasols left at the beach.


Having moved to Malta in 2017, I was missing a sense of belonging so I started exploring these feelings through graphite drawings where only hands represented a human. I incorporated scent into this work as smell is known as a strong trigger of memories but also something very easily lost. 'Evanescent Memories' became part of the European multi-sensory art project and were shown in the exhibition of the Malta Society of Arts 'Perception' in Valletta in August 2018.


For the past year, I have been working on a series of pastels exploring sea waters I called ‘Meditations’. In the West European culture time is perceived as a rapidly moving river unavoidably leading us to the end and leaving us with no cjoice – a rather frightening image. Through these paintings of calm waters I explore time as a substance continuously moving with and around us, present in all its aspects in the here and now. One of the 'Meditations' has been part of the Royal Society of Marine Artists Annual Exhibition at Mall Galleries, London, UK, in October 2018. 


Currently, I am working on the series of large waves as a reflection of my very intimated relationship with the sea. Painting breaking waves is also an attempt to grasp a breathtaking moment and hold it longer than it is actually possible. A wave is a visual metaphor a human life in comparison to eternity. 




-Allura Malta Open Art Studios Trail, Cavalieri Art Hotel in St Julian's, 3.11.-4.11.18 https://allura.com.mt/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/TrailNEW2-768x1087.jpg

-The Pastel Society of Malta's Annual Exhibition, Ir-Razzett tal-Markiz Mallia Tabone, Mosta, Malta, 13.10.-27.10.18

-Royal Society of Marine Artists Annual Exhibition2018, The Mall, London SW1, 11.10.-20.10.2018

-Malta Society of Arts Members' multi-sensorial Exhibition 'Perception', Palazzo De La Salle, Valletta, 2.8.-30.8.2018

-Collective exhibition at the Ministry for Gozo, Victoria, Malta, 3.8.-21.8.18

-Collective exhibition at Hilltop Gardens, Hilltop Gardens, Naxxar, Malta, 22.6.-24.6.2018

-Pastel Society of Malta's group exhibition (with guests) 'Qrendi Parish and Its Surroundings', Qrendi Parish Centre, Malta, 2.06.2018-10.06.2018

-Collective international exhibition 'Poesie der Grafik'/'Poetry of Graphic Art', KreativRaum Galerie, Riemergasse 2, 1010, Vienna, Austria, 11.06.2018-23.06.2018

-Group exhibition of the Association of professional Artists of Austria 'Aufbruch zum Licht'/'Towards the Light',

Otto-Mauer-Zentrum, Vienna, Austria, 22.03.2018-27.06.2018

-International Exhibition 'Fabriano in Acquarello'/'Fabriano in Watercolour', Fabriano, Italy, 3-7 May 2018

-'Eigene Sicht der Dinge', Association of professional Artists of Austria, Kunstsalon Schönbrunn, Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria, 13.01.2018-31.01.2018

-The Pastel Society of Malta's 11th Annual Exhibition, Palazzo de La Sale, Valletta, MaltaNovember 30th-December 19th, 2017




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'Celebration of Russian Art in Malta' by Agrippina Bekeykina, Maltese Herald, Issue #6 


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